Apply for Disability Benefits

You should apply for benefits when your medical conditions limit your ability to work full time. 

Waiting to apply will reduce your past due benefits and make it more difficult to prove your claim.


You can apply for disability benefits directly with Social Security over the telephone by calling their number at: 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778).

Or you can call or visit your local Social Security office

(Currently, due to Covid all face-to-face service with the public is suspended).

Applying in person has the advantage of knowing that you applied.  It has the disadvantage of the additional time required to make an appointment and the time spent waiting on hold.

Forms for applying for children, parent, widow and spouse benefits through the mail are available here.


The Social Security Administration has made it possible to apply for disability benefits online.


They have also created a checklist of information you need to have before you apply.  The Checklist is found here.  


The Checklist includes information about your doctors and other medical records, work history from the past fifteen years, and your personal information.

Once you have that information you can apply online for disability benefits here

You can begin your application, save it, and return later.  The date you begin your application will be used as your application date.  Your application date determines the beginning date of your benefits.

Both applying on-line or over the phone carry the risk of making statements that hurt your claim.


Contact us and we will help you apply either in person or over the phone.  


Schedule an appointment with us via email at or give us a call.


We will help you determine if applying for disability makes sense for you.

We will help you through the process and make sure you don't make misstatements that hurt your claim. 

Your representative is paid the same whether they assist you from the beginning of your application process or you meet them the day of your hearing before a judge. 


Get the most value out of your attorney representative.   Let us help you with your application.