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Why do I need an attorney?

There are many steps in a disability claim: Filing for benefits, alleging disabling medical conditions, medically proving your claim, appealing your denial, having a hearing before a judge, requesting review of that decision, and ultimately appealing that denial of review in the federal court.  


The Social Security Administration will assist you free of charge to file your claim.  They will review and approve or deny your claim.  They will provide you information how to appeal an unfavorable decision.  They will even send you to their doctors for evaluations if your medical evidence fails to establish disabling limitations.


So why do you need an attorney?  Because an error at any stage of the process can tank your claim.  Without knowing what they have to prove people often file for disability without stating why they are disabled.  Many people go to hearings and still fail to state disabling limitations. 


While there are many definitions of "disability," Social Security has their own definition.  By rule they give no weight to other definitions - such as a Veteran Administration definition, your doctor's definition, or the DMV's definition of disability.


At Haapalaw we know what it takes to prove your disability.  We help you craft your statements to meet the requirements of the Social Security and Veterans Administration.  Our knowledge of the law will help your claim at every step of the disability determination process.


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