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John Haapala has been providing personal and expert counsel for people seeking disability since 2006.  Since 2018, Haapalaw, LLC, has focused exclusively on helping the disabled qualify for Social Security benefits.  We know how challenging it is to apply for and get your benefits. That is why we work hard to prove your case early and get your benefits to you sooner.


Since 2006, we have provided appellate services to claimants and their representatives in United States federal courts (United States District Courts). 


In 2021, we were admitted to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  It is our goal to protect your benefits at every level of appeal.


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John and his staff were a godsend! After being told by two attorneys I had no case John took my case, told me how to prepare for hearing and he won my case even getting me back pay to the date I applied.  John was always prompt to scheduled appointments and always returned calls and e-mails in a timely fashion.  I was never left in the dark as he updated me frequently on the status of my case.  Without John Haapala I would be homeless.

Kelly L./San Francisco, California

Talked with Mr. Haapala on the phone after having read the brief he wrote for my case.  He answered the phone himself and was quite helpful and pleasant in answering questions.  What really impressed me though was his brief.  This man is very talented.  His brief read like a novel, building a case on a sturdy foundation and taking the reader step-by-step through issues. 

Mayra M./Eugene, Oregon

John was extremely professional and efficient.  He talked me through my case and I was impressed with how much detail John knew.  My case had a positive outcome and I believe most of this was due to John's thoroughness.

Finn R./Gold Hill, Oregon

John is not only an excellent attorney but a downright nice and very honest person. Wish there were more attorneys in town like this gentleman!!!

Traci S./Veneta, Oregon


John took my case late in the appeal process when the attorney that started my case passed away.  He is the first attorney that has taken the time to clearly explain the elements of disability law that applied to my case.  I appreciate his clear communication and attention to detail.  He knows the law and he will give it to you straight.

Rick P./San Francisco, CA

John was really helpful in getting ready for my hearing before the judge.  He prepped me very well and I felt ready for anything.  He explained the process thoroughly.  I would recommend him for disability cases.

Sarah P./Eugene, Oregon