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Our Principles

We are accessible to our clients.  When you call or contact us, if we can't pick up, we will respond as soon as we can.

We are personal.  We get to know our clients and our clients get to know us.  Applying for disability is a deeply personal process and we honor our clients privacy and support their decision making - even when it means closing a claim or not appealing a determination.

We are responsive.  It is our aim to respond at first opportunity.  The way we keep our desks from piling up with work is to perform that work as soon as it lands.

We are honorable.  We choose to take on the federal government on behalf of disabled individuals because it fills us with purpose.  We may not win every appeal, but we know that our time was spent helping a disabled person.  In the end, we don't get paid unless you win.

Who We Are

John and April live on an organic farm in Junction City, Oregon, where they grow Christmas trees and tend chickens and bees.  John has lived in Oregon since enrolling at Reed College in 1984.  April is a former glass and metal artist and school teacher.  Before becoming an attorney in 2006, John was the Research and Education Director for Oregon Tilth, advocating for the organic food industry.  Both April and John grew up in California (a long long time ago).  

What we care about

Together April and I have five children, two dogs, and four cats, and now two grandchildren! We enjoy farming and the outdoors, great food, golf, motorcycle riding, and yes, April likes to read tarot cards.  Our children, Summer, Rowan, Samara, Dianna, and Stella are students or launching into their own professional careers and we are extremely proud of them.  The dogs, well, often fall short in their singular duty to protect the chickens.  The cats, while I have my complaints, made me promise not to mention them in other than the broadest terms.

- John Haapala 

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